Scrappy Tomfoolery

6 Mar

It’s 3:30 AM.

You’re snuggled in bed, dreaming of sweets, silly escapades and other fun things.

The blankets that keep the winter chill out haven’t been stolen, in a crocodile-like death roll, by your partner.

Life is good.


A sound jolts you awake. It steals you from your pleasant dreams and brings you to a reality that is both confusing and yet still incredibly comfy.


“Oh no. It’s Old Man Cat.
Okay Okay Okay! I’m up. I’m up. “

But you’re not up. You just think you’re up. You think the cat settled back down and left you alone.

You even dream that you got up, but then…


The sound’s even closer now.

It jolts you back awake, but this time you’re more clear-headed.

Scrappy wants something.

No clue what, but that’s the game.

First, check the food and water dishes in the room. Use the fork to scrap up the food and refresh the water bowl.


Plan B: Exploration.

It’s 3:39 AM.

The house mates are asleep. The goal is to keep them that way. Tread lightly, now, adventurer.

You open the door and the cat slowly vanishes down the stairs. Other Kitty, asleep in his cardboard box, mews for your love and attention.

It’s 3:42 AM.

You sit on the top step and love on Other Kitty while you wait for the Old Man Cat to return.

It’s 4 AM.
He doesn’t return.

With Other Kitty following behind like a faithful puppy, you venture to the main floor to see if there’s any high jinx afoot.

Mari’s asleep on her castle, bleary-eyed and staring back at you, when the light turns on.

Mari is never pleased to be woken up. She quickly settles back down and falls back to sleep.

Noises can be heard from the basement. With a quick head count, you determine Scrappy’s not being chased by anyone. Whew!

You settle on the couch with Other Kitty and play Pokemon.

While you wait for Scrappy to have his fill of adventure , you resume your own digital version.

It’s 5 AM now.

After capturing a number of Pokemon, finding Surf, and successfully battling countless other trainers, you see that Scrappy has finally decided it’s time for bed.

Other kitty makes getting up difficult, but eventually you’re able to free yourself from his cuddles. The couch beckons for you to return as you free yourself from the cushions.

You head upstairs; Other Kitty returns to his bed outside your door.

Scrappy sashays into the room, heading straight to his food bowl to check on supplies.

He runs a very tight kitty ship.

The beast is pleased with his evaluation. You are now allowed to sleep before his next adventure.

You cuddle back in bed, only to find the previous memories of comfy happiness tarnished. The bed is not as comfy as you left it, and you are wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.

It’s 5:10 AM.


You’re awake now.

Well, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”!

You grab your DS to resume adventuring, hoping the sound of soft clicking doesn’t wake the beast.

Do Not Wake The Beast

Goodnight, Moon.

(Scrappy, our 18 year old cat, is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed around 3:30 AM – 5 AM every day. More importantly, he’s loudly vocal when you fail to acknowledge his existence immediately  To help John get more sleep, I’ve taken over the past few days. Normally, for John, Scrappy walks around the upstairs hallway or does a route of the house, and then comes back to bed (only to wake john back up multiple more times). What of the past two days? Well, Scrappy has decided that he’s comfortable staying out for about an hour to 2 hours and then letting me get back to bed without much fuss. It’s boiled down to Riddle and I cuddling on the couch, while Mari’s asleep on her castle and Scrappy’s having a little field-trip around the house.)

One Response to “Scrappy Tomfoolery”

  1. Mom March 6, 2013 at 5:58 PM #

    Lol! Love it! Pay backs for all of your Tomfoolery!

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