November Daily- Day 19: Read A Book! Read A BOOK!

19 Nov

(Not for sensitive ears. Cursing, the N word, but hilarious for grown ups with a sense of humor. Enjoy!)

Like every hobby of mine, they come and go.

I’ll go from reading three books, back to back,  to, what I would call, complete book abandonment for weeks.

A little back story:

I donated and sold most of my book collection over time. I had close to a hundred manga and at least double that in murder, mystery, and fantasy novels. I was addicted. I’ll admit it. I would take in any unloved classic novels and any intriguing children’s books, unique art style or story still win. It was a hobby to collect them after a while. It was thrilling to stop in at Ellie’s Paperback Shack to see her latest collection of really old books. She would accept a ton of donations and anything that looked ancient was put in the back.

I’m sure she has hidden gems back there worth a fortune.

Any book lover will tell you. There’s a smell to books that’s like honey to Pooh bear. It’s intoxicating.

Although I am caught up on George R. R. Martin’s first two books from A Song of Ice and Fire series, the library is out of the third, A Storm of Swords.

It’s not too shocking. There’s a reason I want to read it so badly, just like everyone else.

The TV series has just finished up until book three. Everyone waiting is dying to know what happens next, so they’re reading ahead.

I love when TV triggers others to read. Just awesome.

Until I’m next on the waiting list, I decided to grab a favorite from my  tiny bookshelf, beside my desk. What did I finally choose for my next book mania?

What are you reading?

2 Responses to “November Daily- Day 19: Read A Book! Read A BOOK!”

  1. Mom November 19, 2012 at 6:42 PM #

    Happy Thanksgiving! Book 3 is now on the Kindle!

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