30 Apr

Headmistress Fiora

Sometimes, my innocent and loving fur-kids aren’t the awesome, quiet, and cuddly selves they usually are.

Sometimes, an evil takes hold very early in the day and continues for the rest of the day. Today happened to be one of those days.

Some guy came around sellin’ again.

Four knocks started the uproar. The spark that lit a cannon.

Four little raps upon the door.

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Scrappy Tomfoolery

6 Mar Do Not Wake The Beast

It’s 3:30 AM.

You’re snuggled in bed, dreaming of sweets, silly escapades and other fun things.

The blankets that keep the winter chill out haven’t been stolen, in a crocodile-like death roll, by your partner.

Life is good.


A sound jolts you awake. It steals you from your pleasant dreams and brings you to a reality that is both confusing and yet still incredibly comfy.

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November Daily- Day 20: Tea with a Splash of Yummy

21 Nov

On cold mornings, there’s nothing like a cup of tea. I like coffee, but I like like tea.

Loose leaves to pre-bagged, cheap to expensive, with cream or without, it doesn’t matter.

Tea is yummy.

My favorite little treat, brought to my attention by a visit to my mom’s house, is adding a splash of coffee creamer.

Right now, I’m using International Delight’s Vanilla Caramel Creme.


I use grey and black teas with these creamers, I feel that they make a great base and don’t overwhelm you. Experiment away!

I plan to curl up with book three of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series and a cup of hot tea. It’s the best thing to do on a clear night.

November Daily- Day 19: Read A Book! Read A BOOK!

19 Nov

(Not for sensitive ears. Cursing, the N word, but hilarious for grown ups with a sense of humor. Enjoy!)

Like every hobby of mine, they come and go.

I’ll go from reading three books, back to back,  to, what I would call, complete book abandonment for weeks.

A little back story:

I donated and sold most of my book collection over time. I had close to a hundred manga and at least double that in murder, mystery, and fantasy novels. I was addicted. I’ll admit it. I would take in any unloved classic novels and any intriguing children’s books, unique art style or story still win. It was a hobby to collect them after a while. It was thrilling to stop in at Ellie’s Paperback Shack to see her latest collection of really old books. She would accept a ton of donations and anything that looked ancient was put in the back.

I’m sure she has hidden gems back there worth a fortune.

Any book lover will tell you. There’s a smell to books that’s like honey to Pooh bear. It’s intoxicating.

Although I am caught up on George R. R. Martin’s first two books from A Song of Ice and Fire series, the library is out of the third, A Storm of Swords.

It’s not too shocking. There’s a reason I want to read it so badly, just like everyone else.

The TV series has just finished up until book three. Everyone waiting is dying to know what happens next, so they’re reading ahead.

I love when TV triggers others to read. Just awesome.

Until I’m next on the waiting list, I decided to grab a favorite from my  tiny bookshelf, beside my desk. What did I finally choose for my next book mania?

What are you reading?

November Daily- Day 18: Winter Munchies and Crunchies

19 Nov


On a cold winter-y day, there’s nothing quite like a bowl of hot tomato soup with grilled cheese-sammichs to dip in it.


Whenever I make a grilled cheese, it’s always when John’s not home. Poor guy. It’s one of his favorite treats, too.

I love teasing him with my delicious lunches!


November Daily- Day 17: Black Friday Wishlist

19 Nov

November Daily- Day 17: Black Friday Wishlist

Year after year, Black Friday is a beacon for the crazy, the cheap, and the savvy savers.
Since High School, I have enjoyed this day for what it’s meant to be- FUN!
I used to sit outside, in the freezing cold, with friends who were there to shop. I would bring some cash, but only enough to feel okay wasting. I wasn’t there to shop, people. I was there for entertainment.
That was Charles County for you. Boring.

This year, I have my bright blue eyes set on two things for the house.

A washer and dryer.

It’s funny how your wishlist evolves as you grow older. Bring on the practical!


November Daily- Day 16: Knights of Pen and Paper

17 Nov

November Daily- Day 16: Knights of Pen and Paper

Beware: This game is addictive.

However– It is also an in-depth RPG game for android phones.
The entire house is addicted right now.

For $2, the game is well worth it. The dialogue is hilarious and the quests are equally entertaining.
The easy re-play ability will keep us addictive for quite some time, while we figure out how to optimize our team comp.
(So far, Mage + Druid is all you really need. Mage is a nuke and the druid is a Heal/Mana battery. Love it!)

You should try it out if you constantly need to kill time on your phone. The music is quirky and nostalgic, but silent mode is encouraged.

I wish I could figure out why my phone makes the game all flashy. It starting to strain my eyes.


(In other phone related news, looks like I’m up for a new phone soon. At the very least, my contract is up in a few days.)

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